2012 Toyota Smart INSECT Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 3 October 2012 , 17:10:59 byEmil

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Toyota Smart INSECT Concept

Yesterday, at the CEATEC Japan 2012 advanced technologies exhibition, Toyota revealed a very strange-looking single-passenger electric vehicle. To be more precise, we are talking about the new Toyota Smart INSECT Concept. If this model made you curious, know that the event started in Chiba City, Japan on the 2nd of October and will last until the 6th. The name is actually an acronym for Information Network Social Electric City Transporter. The new Toyota Smart INSECT Concept is in fact a conceptual development of the COMS EV produced by the subsidiary of the brand Toyota Auto Body Co. its purpose was to show us the next generation communications-linked services. This odd-looking creature is powered by an electric motor and it features a lot of useful elements.

Here we have to mention motion sensors, behavior prediction and voice recognitions. It can even connect with its driver of his home through cloud-based Toyota Smart Center. One of its best features refers to the facial-recognition technology which detects and authenticates the driver registered with the car and then it opens the doors, flashes the front lights and it also greets the driver through the instrument panel monitor it has inside.

The Smart Center allows the driver to set the destination and to operate different functions of the vehicle like for example the fog lamps and the audio system. By using voice commands the driver can also do a lot of things in the house from the car. For example it can perform tasks like lock the doors or even turn the air con off. Well, yes, the Toyota Smart INSECT Concept is really an innovation in the auto world. The Japanese have a lot of talent and imagination when it comes to the future and the comfort of their drivers and the new concept is proof.