2012 Volkswagen Golf 3-door review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 30 October 2012 , 21:10:57 byVeronica

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Volkswagen Golf 3-door

The Germans have created a great atmosphere these days at the Sao Paulo International Motor Show. There is no way of denying the fact that their new VW Taigun small SUV Concept is the center of attention, but to top it up, the specialists have also revealed the 3-door version of the Golf. This is actually the best selling passenger car in Brazil, so far and now they have a new version for us. This last summer, in August, VW presented a redesigned 5-door model and the new Volkswagen Golf 3-door comes short after. It seems that the new model has a lot of the elements borrowed from the 5-door mentioned above and mostly, it has the same modifications.

For example, its front and rear ends received new styles. These actually just managed to bring it close to the products the specialists have developed lately. The interior features more details and more innovative equipment, but it was also re-trimmed. Under the hood it hides a bi-fuel 1.0-liter engine which is capable of generating 76 horsepower when using ethanol and 72 horsepower when it uses gasoline. This is not all the Germans have prepared in terms of engine. The new VW Golf 3-door can also come equipped with a 1.6-liter flex-fuel unit which can deliver 101 horsepower on gasoline and 104 horsepower when it uses ethanol. When it comes to the price, the Brazilian customers should know that on their market the model has a starting price established at R$26.690, which is actually R$1.300 less than the 5-door version.

You will find it in dealerships starting the end of this month. In the last 25 years, the German manufacturer managed to build more than 7 million units. Its most fearful competitors are the new Chevrolet Onix and the Hyundai HB20 which were also revealed at this Auto Show.