2012 Volkswagen Up! 5-Door review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 12 June 2012 , 10:06:55 byDan

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Volkswagen Up! 5-Door

The British customers can now stay calm as the German carmaker Volkswagen revealed the price list for their market for the Volkswagen up!. It seems that the up! 5-door is actually GBP365 more expensive than its less practical companion, the three-door model. The starting price for the road version is GBP8.360.

The carmaker actually expects to see an increase in sales now with the arrival of the five-door model, over passing the rest of the up!. The Volkswagen Up! 5-Door has a 2.42 m long wheelbase, but the same overall vehicle length, 3.54 m, 251-liter boot, 947 mm of rear headroom and 789 mm of the rear legroom just like the 3-door model. This does not end here. The carmaker is offering three trim levels like the ones available for the three-door model. To be more precise, they are talking bout the Take up!, Move up! and High up! models.

There is also a special edition provided, the up! Black and up! White. Under the hood, the 5-door up! is available with two 1.0-liter, three-cylinder petrol engine options capable of developing 60 PS and 75 PS. If we are talking about the BlueMotion Technology trim, the 60PS model has fuel consumption of 68.9 mpg on the combined cycle and the CO2 emission level is somewhere around 95 g/km. In the case of the 75PS model, the fuel consumption indicates 67.3 mpg and the CO2 emissions, 98 g/km. It seems that not long from now, before the end of next year, the German carmaker will introduce a fully electric version of the Volkswagen Up! 5-Door. But until then, you should know that an automated manual transmission will be available as an option before the end of 2010.