2012 Volvo Mean Green Hybrid review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 , 02:03:12 byEmil

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Volvo Mean Green Hybrid

Volvo developed the Mean Green and on April 27th, the fastest hybrid truck in the world will try to reach speeds that will exceed 260 km/h on an airfield in Utah trying to beat its previous record. The model is powered by a Volvo D16 engine capable of developing 2.100 horsepower and 5.000 lb. ft. of torque. This is not all. Thanks to an electric motor 200 horsepower and 885 lb. ft. of torque are added. The engineers have uses a lot of new technology to be sure they offer the best they can. The specialists have managed to build the fastest hybrid truck using the same hybrid drive system created by Volvo for hundred of busses. The important thing is the result the Volvo engineers managed to obtain after long hours of hard work.