2013 Acura NSX Concept in Detroit review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 17 January 2013 , 01:01:11 byEmil

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Acura NSX Concept in Detroit

This year at the 2013 edition of the North American International Auto Show, Acura presents their new achievement, the new NSX Concept, a model that previews the evolution of the next-generation styling and design of the supercar. In the photo gallery you can also see the first images of the interior. One year ago we had the opportunity to see the first NSX concept and we are surprised to see that the new one is not a lot different. The specialists are proud to see that they manage to deliver on the expectations created a year ago. The new model will bring new levels of performance and a special dynamic experience with advanced technology for the entire sport car market, says the vice president of national marketing operations, Mike Accavitty.

The model keeps its low and wide stance with the dynamic and alluring proportions that debuted last year in the original NSX Concept at the 2012 edition of the North American International Auto Show. Back then the car was described as having a clean and simple surfacing, edgy details that offer a high-tech feel and the supercar attitude.

In terms of interior, know that it boasts incredible visibility, an exotic driving position and also an intuitive Simple Sports Interface that minimizes interior clutter. All these together help the drive turn his attention towards the driving experience. Back in 2012, the carmaker announced that the Aucra NSX will receive power from a mid-mounted direct-injected V6 engine paired to the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system developed by Acura. This system is actually a three-motor high-performance hybrid system that combines torque vectoring all-wheel drive with advanced hybrid efficiency by using three electric motors. You should also know that the new model will be manufactured in Ohio at a new production facility.

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