2013 Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 14 March 2013 , 11:03:48 byAngela

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Alfa Romeo Zagato Roadster

Alfa Romeo, the Italian car maker company, has a reputation in building expensive sports cars. This sort of car is the Zagato Roadster, a vehicle that has already become a legendary name for the sport car lovers. Maybe this is exactly why Vilner, the Bulgarian tuning firm, chose to work on this precise car.

The Zagato was a high-performance limited-production sports car built between 1992 and 1994. This convertible was limited to only 350 units, but in the end just 284 cars have been manufactured and sold. This number beats the record of the lowest production of an Alfa Romeo car in the entire company’ s history. However, this has turned into a scoring point for the brand.  Every respectable sports car collector is in search of a copy to add to his collection.

Vilner has had some headaches in finding all the necessary parts from the car, but in the end they managed to provide a full treatment and to full service the car. The first step they took was to modify the engine, chassis and exhaust system. Resembling with the Ferrari style, Vilner decided to paint the engine covers in red matte.

The whole car has been repainted in its original red colour, to make it look brand new. The tuner replaced all the seals that required replacing and equipped the Alfa Romeo Zagato with a newly created hood. The second stage of the tuning was to redesign the interior.

Glancing inside the tuned Zagato, we notice new floor mats, door panels, center console, dashboard, steering wheel, transmission and even the two new seats. All has been redesigned to make a comfortable sporty car more impressive. The only thing which is completely new to this vehicle is the set of wheels.

Vilner stated that their final product with the whole tuning belongs to a satisfied customer in Germany, now being the proud possessor of the Alfa Romeo Zagato tuned up by the Bulgarian company. There are more details and pictures on Vilner’s official site.