2013 Yamaha MOTIV.E in Tokyo review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 7 December 2013 , 06:12:53 byEmil

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Yamaha MOTIV.E in Tokyo

The 2013 edition of the Tokyo Motor Show is going on well, so far. Just the other day we had the opportunity to see a lot of new achievements. One of them, which managed to attract our attention, is coming from Yamaha, and it is Motiv.e City Car. Because of the terrible urban traffic and all the environment problems, the demand for downsizing and fuel efficient cars has increased. The new model developed by Yamaha covers all these needs thanks to the using of the ground breaking manufacturing and materials technology while delivering a new level of driver experience.

With the new Motiv.e City Car, Yamaha wants to offer quality mobility. Designers have been inspired from motorcycle design and the engineers have used only the latest technology trying to deliver high quality driving experience. There are a lot of carmakers that try to revolutionize the automotive industry, but now, Yamaha is on the right track and ahead of a lot. The new vehicle uses the futuristic iStream developed by Gordon Murray Design. This includes Formula One composite technology that offers new levels of lightweight, safety, vehicle dynamics and also low impact on the environment.

Yamaha is now introducing high quality lifestyle products while introducing a technical and dynamic shape. Under the hood it hides an all-new electric power train which comes in perfect with all the new technology and great materials. It is for sure that the new Motiv.e sets great new standards in this 4 wheeler segment. For the moment there are no extra details available on the model, but we do have to admit that the carmaker did a very good job developing this new vehicle. Please take a quick look in the photo gallery and please let us know what you think about it.