2013 Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS by Vorsteiner review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 1 November 2013 , 12:11:57 byVeronica

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Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS by Vorsteiner

Bentley is certainly the name in the car industry that must be placed aside opulence and excess. Modesty is surely not one of their characteristics, mostly because everything they do needs to be uncommon and they aim towards the upper class persons to whom luxury is a necessity. And what the guys at Vorsteiner, a famous tuning company, did was to create a new body kit for the so called perfect car, the Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS.

With the Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS we’ve got two luxury interested companies, Vorsteiner and Bentley, which together realize a lethal combination. The tuning program developed by Vorsteiner for this precise Bentley model is part of their Vorsteiner Nero Project and it is the first one to be presented to the public.  The tuned vehicle brings to light some changes as well as a few new elements. It received a new front bumper made of the company’s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber, a material that offers superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability.

Vorsteiner also makes available the 2×2 Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg with 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating for the Bentley Continental GT BR10-RS. The back bumper is also made out of the same material. Still, what we can find here is the 1×1 Full Carbon Fiber Pre-Preg Body with Lower Carbon Fiber Diffuser Pre-Preg with 4 Stage UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating. Vorsteiner also modified the side skirts and the deck lid spoiler which now offer the model a unique feature. The luxury lovers and at the same time owners of a Bentley Continental will surely be attracted to personalize their possession and to make the difference from the other models.