2013 Bentley Continental GT by Vorsteiner review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 12 June 2013 , 02:06:22 byEmil

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Bentley Continental GT by Vorsteiner

Vorsteiner specialists have released the first details about the upcoming styling program for the Bentley Continental GT and sound to be quite interesting. To be more precise, the whole program seems to be a work of art. Their designers and engineers are working very hard and are being careful to every detail in order to enhance the performance of this sporty coupe while maintaining its heritage and contemporary style. The version of the front end of the new Continental GT is a muscular replacement bumper made from pre-preg carbon fiber. At the end, this element gives the vehicle a beautiful aggressive stance that improves down force and directing cool air into the radiators. The side skirts are carefully crafted to partner with the front-end to improve aerodynamics and down force at high speeds.

There is a perfect balance in the center and the engineers managed to create great functional side skirts that are aesthetically appealing. The rear was also designed to fit seamlessly to match the front end, replacing the rear bumper and accentuating a more aggressive sport car like disposition. The carbon fiber vented rear bumper replacement integrated with rear diffuser element houses 6 aerodynamic fin extensions.

As it should be, any work of art should be made by paying a lot of attention in terms of details and this is what Vorsteiner engineers and designers did. To complete the aero package, the specialists have also offered a set of forged monoblock wheels available in 20, 21, 22 inches. This latest tunign program developed for the Bentley Continental GT includes: deck lid spoiler carbon fiber pre-preg, front bumper replacement carbon fiber pre-preg, side skirt carbon fiber pre-preg, rear bumper replacement with integrated diffuser carbon fiber pre-preg and last, but not least forged monoblock wheels, just like mentioned above.