2013 BMW M3 aeropackage by G-Power review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 22 January 2013 , 23:01:07 byEmil

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BMW M3 aeropackage by G-Power

Here we have a new aero package developed by G-Power specialists for the BMW M3. Actually, at the end of 2012, we had the opportunity to find out the preliminary information on the latest upgrade for the models and now, we have more info for you. The carmaker tried to use lighter materials for the M3 to improve the performance and so, provide more driving pleasure. The RS aerodynamic program developed by G-Power is made entirely from carbon fiber and so it makes the model lighter and faster. These parts also increase the aerodynamic down force and provide even faster cornering speeds. In fact, G-Power goes way back in the eighties when tuned BMW 01 models were competing for top position in their category. Even now, G-Power is still active in motorsports and competes in series like the STT and the DMV Touring Car Championship.

This new package has been preceded by extensive CAD engineering and intensive test driving on road and track. It contains a front spoiler, bonnet, boot lid and a rear wing. The program is manufactured from supremely light and highly strong carbon fiber in a glass-proof autoclave. The specialists might have the opportunity to achieve a weight reduction of around 2.6 kg for the bonnet and around 8.1 kg for the boot lid. The G-Power aerodynamic program developed for the BMW M3 reduces the weight, but also increases the aerodynamic down force. How does it work? The carbon front spoiler produces more down force on the front axle, while the carbon fiber boot lid increases the down force on the rear axle. The carbon boot lid can be fitted with the factory rear wing from the BMW M3 GTS, as an option.

In terms of output enhancements, the tuner can offer an entire variety of supercharger systems for the BMW M3 that offer an incredible output enhancement of 300 horsepower based on the standard output of the BMW M3 of already 420 horsepower. The specialists indeed did a great job.