2013 BMW M3 E46 by EAS review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 9 September 2013 , 11:09:26 byAlina

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BMW M3 E46 by EAS

When it comes down to tuning cars, the BMW branded vehicles are by far the leaders in the top of the most tuned cars. There are plenty of tuning companies that have created upgrading packages for BMWs. EAS, the European Auto Source, is the ultimate source for premier aftermarket and performance products for a BMW. They are specialized in M models and they keep defeating expectations by offering rare, unique products and the highest level of customer service. Their latest project is the Track-Ready ESS Supercharged BMW M3 E46.

EAS has already done a tuning pack for the BMW M3 E46. This happened only a few months ago. Then, the car turned into a completely stripped-down, fully-caged, carbon-roofed, Lexan-windowed, custom-built, non street-legal track machine. And we would have thought that the tuning company has given its best. And yet, they have surprised us in a way that we wouldn’t have expected. They installed an ESS VT2-550 supercharger system which is meant to increase the ultra-light M3′s power.

The Track-Ready ESS Supercharged BMW M3 E46 suffered of a quite huge power increase. And this means from 289hp to 493hp. A BimmerWorld carbon fiber front lip, front race splitter and rear race spoiler were placed on the car to provide more aerodynamics. So, the vehicle is more of a ground eating machine that will surely please anyone feeling the need of becoming faster and more unique.