2013 BMW M6 Coupe F13 by G-Power review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 , 01:08:51 byVeronica

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BMW M6 Coupe F13 by G-Power

Engineers from G-Power have developed the strongest and fastest BMW M6 in the world. The modifications have been made to the electronic control unit in combination with a higher flow exhaust system made from Titanium and pushing the power output of the G-Power M6 to 710 horsepower and 890 Nm of torque, which is really impressive thanks to the Bi-Tronik III V2. To transfer all that output to the road, the engineers have equipped the model with G-Power HYRRICANE alloy wheels covered in Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires that measure 265 / 30 ZR 21 and 305 / 25 ZR 21, and also G-Power coil-over suspension.

To complete the package of the BMW M6 F13, the new model also gets titanium exhaust system and the G-Power Ceramic Braking System. The new output enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.8 seconds and to reach a top speed of 300 km/h. Under the hood, the model hides a 4.4-liter V8 turbocharged unit. The parameters for the amount of fuel and the ignition timing are modified depending on the increased boost level.

The tuning company has made big investments in terms of money, time, and manpower trying to develop the power output mainly focusing on the transmission. They have managed to limit the torque figures during the shifting process and so reduce the tress for the transmission. They have managed to develop a well-balanced, high quality package for the power output increase of the BMW M6. Apparently the standard braking system may lose brake force when pushed to the limit, accompanied by a moving braking point, the so called fading effect. The brake package is completed by brake pads with a larger pad area, higher friction rate as well as metal-coated brake lines.