2013 BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 21 May 2012 , 14:05:49 byEmil

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BMW M6 MotoGP Safety Car

German automaker BMW has developed the 2013 M6 MotoGP safety car and it will introduce it at this 2012 MotoGP season. Just to be clear, the model already had its first official public debut at the M Festival. The images you see in the photo gallery were actually revealed by the carmaker on their Facebook page. At a closer look you can see a a huge wing, side mirrors, a new front bumper lip and a lightweight titanium race exhaust system. On the inside it features Recaro bucket seats, and on the top of the roof there is a set of warning lights. It also has a roll cage and very colorful livery. More information will be revealed in the second half of this year at the big event.