2013 BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 6 January 2014 , 10:01:04 byAngela

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BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design

BMW is one of the car producers that have one of the most aggressive expanding campaigns in the world. The Bavarian vehicles can be found in every single corner of the planet and people never get bored of them.  The BMW Z4 is one of the most futuristic BMW branded vehicles and it’s really had its success since it was introduced.  The vehicle delights the sights of the passers-by and the hearts of the owners. This is precisely why the BMW introduced a BMW Z4 limited edition, called the Pure Fusion Design.

The BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design focuses mostly on the inside of the car and it brings some interesting elements meant to increase elegance and refinement. Exclusive colours and materials will transform the Z4 into a special and unique vehicle. The upgraded car features a Nappa leather trim and exclusive sports seats covered in Ivory White contrasted by some brown stitching. Leather is the material that also covers the armrests, door panels and the passenger pull handle.

The BMW Z4 Pure Fusion Design is made unique with the help of a Saddle Brown Nappa leather horizontal trim line that stretches from the passenger side to the driver's side. A few of the commands are finished in Fineline wood. Of course that the exterior paint has to be a matching one that perfectly goes together with the interior. So we find a Z4 covered in Sparkling Brown metallic paint. The price for this limited edition is unknown yet.