2013 Daihatsu UFC 2 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 26 September 2013 , 00:09:30 byDan

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Daihatsu UFC 2 Concept

Daihatsu Motor & Co. have presented eight new concept cars during the Indonesia International Motor Show 2013 (IIMS 2013) taking place between the 19th and 29th of September in Jakarta.

The collection of car concepts is focused on the idea of "Compact ECO Mobility Best Friend". The Japanese manufacturer comes with affordable and fuel efficient concept vehicles presented under the "Daihatsu is our best friend. (Daihatsu Sahabatku)" slogan.

The UFC 2 is one of the unveiled concepts. The vehicle is a redesigned version of the UFC presented last year. The UFC 2 is a compact car, dedicated mostly to "everyday life [use] in Indonesia". The auto has a generous interior and could seat up to seven people. At the same time, the compact body enables a relaxing & easy to handle driving experience.

The D-R Estate is a more elaborated version of the D-R concept which we were introduced to in 2012. The new version was designed to balance `both the joy of driving and fuel efficiency`. The newly added elements are a redesigned interior a more powerful 660 cc engine.

The CUV is a cross over vehicle that features an eye catching design. The sporty auto comes with a rear door that can open both upwards and downwards. Furthermore, the owner can play around with the interior space by moving the rear seats in order to enhance it.

Daihatsu also presents three concepts from the AYLA category. The autos were designed to appeal to different types of personalities, therefore the AYLA X- track is ideal for off road driving conditions. Meanwhile, the AYLA GT is a model to be appreciated by sport focused drivers and the AYLA Luxury will be appealing for drivers in search for an opulent & relaxing driving experience.

Finally, the NC-Z and the NC-Y concepts were designed to present how a production model under the Ayla could look like.