2013 Mia-Electric Mia U BlueStar UK review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 14 June 2013 , 08:06:52 byAngela

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Mia-Electric Mia U BlueStar UK

French carmaker Mia-Electric has decided to bring their electric vehicles into the UK. This carmaker is a dedicate EV manufacturer and it produces both the car and the CV body styles. These are offered on a common chassis and drive train and designed specifically for urban environments. All models developed by them are being produced in France in Cerizay. According to the carmaker, the models are already available for sale in Europe. All Mia-Electric vehicles are bespoke EVs and are designed for the city and offering a central driving position, sliding doors, a cut-out floor and roof and ABS body panels. The engineers have offered it with two Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries capable of producing 12 kW. The models are capable of a 74 mile range and the recharging process takes up to 5 hours. Batteries can be recharged at any hour, with a 10-minute charge providing a 5-mile range.

The official importers of the models will be Venture Automotive Holding Ltd., and will trade them as Mia-Electric UK. Initially the company will target business drivers and fleet operators. The base of the procedure will have the economic an environmental advantage, in urban and return-to-base, delivery use. The launch of the models in the UK will coincide with revisions to the London Congestion Charge in July, which will include vehicles emitting 75 g/km CO2 exempt from charge. The new models will be offered with a Peace of Mind programme, comprising a 5 year / 70.000 mile warranty for vehicle, battery, electric drive train and anti-corrosion and roadside assistance. The starting price has been established to start at GBP16.995 plus VAT. These are all the details available on these models for the moment, but we will get back with some more soon.