2013 Ferrari LaFerrari EVOXX by Luca Polizzotto review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 19 March 2013 , 10:03:00 byDan

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Ferrari LaFerrari EVOXX by Luca Polizzotto

LaFerrari is the ultimate car Ferrari has created. It has just been revealed in the Geneva Motor Show and it is, without any doubt, one the most super cars of the moment. Maybe this is the reason why many respectable tuners will set a goal in reinventing this awesome vehicle, as it certainly is a great challenge to perfect perfection. Such a person, willing to sacrifice its ideas in order to add something special to LaFerrari, is the Italian Luca Polizzotto who has imagined a track- focused version of this model.

Ferrari might be working on an ace in the sleeve, a racing variant of LaFerrari. And maybe predicting that this will happen eventually, Luca Polizzotto imagined the digital project whose star is Ferrari LaFerrari. There are high chances that this kind of a version will be released sometime in the future. However, it will only be available to some exclusivist clients.

Luca Polizzotto suggests a more aerodynamic car due to some changes, for example the rear wings that are now coming out of the engine bay. There is also a change in colour, meaning that the middle part of the hood and the mirrors have all received a white paint. The final result remains to be seen when or if released.