2013 Ford Atlas Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 16 January 2013 , 03:01:23 byEmil

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Ford Atlas Concept

This year at the 2013 edition of the Detroit Auto Show, American carmaker Ford revealed their new achievement, a new concept model that underlines the styling elements and the future vision for pickup trucks. There is more to that also. The specialists will manage to improve the overall fuel economy. We are talking about the new Ford Atlas Concept, a model powered by an EcoBoost engine. It previews the next generation F-150 series, the best selling model. Even though the exterior seems to be a lot the same, the trick lays in the details.

The carmaker is using a combination of active aerodynamic elements that reduce wind resistance. We are actually talking about Active Grille and Wheel Shutters. These stay close when the care moves slowly, but close on the highway to improve aerodynamics. The shutters also receive power from the self-charging batteries that use energy from the motion of the wheels. There is more to it; apparently the front wind spoiler lowers at highway speeds to improve underbody air flow. At low speeds it detracts and this way it improves ground clearance. Together with the EcoBoost power train, the new Ford Atlas Concept receives a truck-enhanced Auto Start-Stop engine shutoff technology. This actually improves the fuel economy. Unfortunately these are all the details available on the power train so far.

For the interior, the model got thin, lightweight seating that add extra legroom for rear passengers and an integrated storage for smaller items, just like we mentioned above. Despite the fact that it is a tough car, every surface has been crafted for purposes and capabilities, says Ford group vice president and chief creative officer, J Mays. The list of new elements continues with LED headlamps, tail lamps, a new tail gate design, a 360-degree Point-of-View Camera and a lot more.