2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid correct EPA review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 , 15:08:53 byAlina

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Ford C-MAX Hybrid correct EPA

Well now, as it turns out, Automotive News reports that the EPA stands behind the fuel economy test for hybrid vehicles just as a consequence of the dispute that took place during the testing process of the Ford C-MAX. As you might remember, because it was not long ago, both customers and automotive journalists were trying to reach 47 mpg fuel consumption, as advertised. The American carmaker returned with an answer according to which a 1970-era EPA general label rule was responsible for the inaccurate mileage numbers.

They have rerated the mpg numbers and offered rebates to the customers. The specialists have also declared that they have not overstated the fuel economy of the Ford C-MAX, but were actually surprised by the low numbers. Different other specialists are not finding this a feasible excuse and consider that Ford was taking advantage of a loophole when it came up with the hybrid C-MAX numbers. Others do believe it was just the general label rule. In case you are wondering about this rule, know that refers to vehicles that have the same engine and transmission, that are in the same weight class allowing them to share fuel economy numbers. The Americans did not take into account other factors like aerodynamic efficiency which is very important, especially in terms of hybrids which are more sensitive from this point of view in comparison to other vehicles.

The declaration continued with saying the specialists have used the fuel economy of the Fusion Hybrid for the C-MAX without realizing that its aerodynamic efficiency would affect fuel economy in such a manner.