2013 Ford Fusion by 3dCarbon review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 8 October 2013 , 01:10:14 byEmil

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Ford Fusion by 3dCarbon

American carmaker Ford has done a very good job in terms of sales of the Fusion until now and they expect things to go the same way until the end of this year. Different specialists indicate the company will manage to sell more than 300.000 units this year alone. Because a lot of people buy them, the possible future customers will have different retentions when purchasing one for them, just because it will be very common on the roads. t will not matter that it is imposing or not, but just by simply seeing it on the roads on a regular basis. The carmaker apparently thought about this and this is how a factory-supported body kit offered by 3dCarbon. So that you know, the Official Ford Licensed Accessories catalog includes the 3dCarbon.

All Fusion models equipped with it will have a more appealing appearance. Now, the model is already in stock form and this means it is integrated into the rest of the design. Now, the new models will come with lower side skirts, a revised rear bumper with dual exhausts and also a small boot spoiler and integrated front splitter. All these new elements are necessary in order to receive the enthusiasm asked for. The ones that decide they want the kit should know that it will not affect their warranty, but that it comes with a 5-year or 50.000-mile one itself. This is actually perfect as it matches the after-sale parts support. To understand what we are talking about, please heck out the photo gallery below and tell us what you are thinking about.