2013 Holden Malibu in Australia review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 17 June 2013 , 13:06:31 byEmil

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Holden Malibu in Australia

According to Holden the new Malibu will be available for sale this moth. This was possible thanks to an engineering program that tuned the car for Australian roads. This model is perfect for Australian ride and handling set up. Michael Barber , Holden Vehicle Dynamics Specialist Engineer was part of the team that developed the local tune for the new Malibu and was responsible for creating the acclaimed ride and handling package for the model year 2014 Holden Cruze and for the FE1 suspension for VF Commodore. The man declared that the challenge with adapting a global car for the local market often begins with the tires. The Malibu was originally specified with left hand drive tires, but was modified for the reason mentioned above. It will be quite difficult using left hand drive tires in a right hand drive market as it can lead to a vehicle that pulls excessively to the left.

The engineers have managed to develop a Right Hand Drive 17-inch tire for the CD and the Malibu CDX is equipment with the same excellent 18-inch Bridgestone performance tires that are fitted to the VF SV6 and SS Commodore. Getting good tires onto any car is an important fundamental to delivering a great drive, the man declared. This is not all the engineers have been able to do. They have also developed a new suspension set up with a unique damper tune to deliver a good balance in ride and handling that works well on any Australian road. Their aim was to deliver a car with great all-around performance and they did develop an adept cruiser that is as at home in an urban environment as it is on rolling b-roads or an interstate highway. The team calibrated the auto transmission for the petrol Malibu available on sale in Australia, Europe, the Middle East and Korea.