2013 Honda Crider review and pictures

Posted on Sunday, 21 April 2013 , 09:04:12 byAlina

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Honda Crider

Honda is a company built on dreams which inspire the people working there to create innovative products which are meant to bring benefit to society and its mobility. One of these sort of dreams has been set recently in the form of a concept. It is the Honda Crider Concept which has been presented at 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

The Honda Crider concept looks like ready for going into production. The manufacturing process will take place in China, due to a Guangzhou-Honda teaming which also takes care of producing the Accord. From the factory, the car can very easily reach for some Asian markets, although this is only a supposition. The showrooms will host the vehicle starting this May or June, together with the Civic and Accord.

The Honda Crider has the following measures:  4650 mm in length, 1750 mm in wideness and 1505 mm in height. It will be power sourced by a 1.8-liter engine connected to a five-speed manual/automatic gearbox. There might also be available a 2.0 liter engine but this still remains unknown. Having these features it will certainly be a fearsome competitor for other models in the segment such as Citroen C4L or Volkswagen Sagitar.

The exterior of the Honda Crider looks relatively good. It is equipped with a huge chromed front grille, big headlights, equally large taillights and a chrome strip at the back. And as with all the others made in China cars, the wheels seem too small. Whether or not the Crier will be a success in the global marketplace is a fact that needs confirming.