2013 Honda CR-Z review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 16 December 2013 , 12:12:39 byVeronica

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Honda CR-Z

Honda released the CR-Z a few years ago and back then, the specialists had really high hopes for it. They achieved their goals on one hand, but did not on another. There have been a lot of enthusiasts asking them to remove the battery packs and electric motors and just replace them with a lightweight, more conventional power train. It is a bit early to know for sure, as the carmaker did not say anything about this, but there are few chances this change will be made. The use of carbon improved the current version.

The specialists have rebuilt the floor using carbon and have also offered high sills and deeply bolstered bucket positioned down low. Honda insists to have the intact engine, but it keeps the model rather slow. Just something to think about: imagine it equipped with a HPD supercharger. By reducing the weight by 30% and by lowering the seating position, the model would feel a lot better in comparison to a regular hybrid hatchback. It is true that with a center of gravity closer to the ground, the body roll is minimum and the grip around the corners is absolutely incredible. Because this is a research prototype we are talking about, the noise, vibration and harshness had a lot to suffer. Honda is capable of incredible models and do not expect less from their specialists. In the meantime, place check out the photo gallery we have prepared for you below and let us know what you think about Honda.