2013 Infiniti Etherea in the UK review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 21 December 2012 , 04:12:02 byAlina

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Infiniti Etherea in the UK

The premium car brand of Nissan Motor, Infiniti, confirmed a rumor that kept appearing. It seems that it will manufacture vehicles in Europe and to be more precise, in Sunderland, UK. Of course, this action will not be cheap, but in fact will include a substantial investment of around GBP250 million, but it will also ensure a further 1.000 jobs at Sunderland and not only. According to the manufacturer, the new Infiniti which is planned to be exported around the world is being developed with some help from their London design center and the European Technical Center found in Cranfield.

This new investment will contribute to the economy of the country which will become even stronger. In terms of industry, for the UK, the auto sector starts to be part of many success stories and it is part of their industrial strategy. It is proof that by working together, the government and private sector can obtain a lot of good things for the country. The fact that Nissan has a lot of success here, demonstrates the strength of the car industry once again.

To be more precise, the all-new premium entry compact Infiniti model will be produced starting 2015. This will be the first time Infiniti competes in the premium segment, but it is all good, as the manufacturer wants to become a major worldwide competitor. Infiniti will be the first new car brand to be developed in the UK on this scale in 23 years. The capacity of the Sunderland plant is of 60.000 Infiniti models per year. another rumor indicated the fact that at this new plant the specialists will built more than half a million cars for the first time. The global exports from the plant now exceed five million units. More information will be available at a later date.