2013 Infiniti Q30 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 , 07:08:39 byVeronica

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Infiniti Q30 Concept

Japanese carmaker Infiniti has revealed the first images with their new achievement, the new Infiniti Q30. We will have the opportunity to see the model for the first time in the flesh at the 2013 edition of the Frankfurt Motor show. This new concept is actually a preparation for a new entry-level premium compact which the carmaker has developed in order to attract more young customers. They also try to create some problems for all those in competition with them. By the looks of it, they have all the chance in the world. How can the specialists be so sure? Well, the new Infiniti Q30 has a bold and aggressive design that continues the work of the Q50 and other concepts. The Japanese specialists are also combining elements from 3 body styles to be sure they reach the taste of each potential customer.

It is a bit easy to guess which are the three? Of course we are talking about coupe, crossover and hatchback. The new design language underlines the vision to deliver new levels of design, materials, fit and finish, performance and craftsmanship. All the specialists involved in the development process of the new Infiniti Q30 have done a really great job by trying to surpass borders in terms of design and performance. Of course, there is enhanced muscularity ready to amaze a lot of people in the next few weeks. The brand is trying to evolve all the time and we can see they are doing a good job. These are all the details available for the moment on the matter, but soon more will be released.