2013 Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado by Mansory review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 5 March 2013 , 07:03:12 byAngela

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Lamborghini Aventador Carbonado by Mansory

Mansory already got people familiar with a high- tech products made up with master craftsmanship and some of the finest materials. One of these products is based on the Lamborghini Aventador, and after being tuned up, it got the name Crbonado . The improved Lamborghini model will be presented in Geneva Motor Show. But before the start of the show, Mansory has revealed complete details and photos of the Lamborghini Aventador-based Carbonado.

Regarding the Carbonado, we can state that there is carbon fibre everywhere the eye can see. This was the purpose of Mansory: to use carbon fibre as the main component of all its bodywork components. As a premiere in the world a carbon fibre weave with a stealth-look is being used, which is being an exclusively Mansory mark in vehicle construction. Among some of the new features of the car we can number a new front skirt featuring redesigned air intakes, a revised front lip spoiler and LED daytime running lights, a rear spoiler with built- in diffuser, a carbon fibre engine compartment cover and roof. The front sides have grown in size by 40mm and at the back by 50mm.

Mansory also impresses with the work made at the heart of the car. The 6.5 litre V12 cylinder has been fitted with two Mansory turbochargers. In addition, the pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank and cylinder head have been replaced by motor racing parts. The Lamborghini Carbonado also benefits of a new exhaust system with stainless steel tailpipes. All these changes have enabled the engine to output 1,250 HP (920 kW) whereas the Aventador engine provides 700 HP (515 kW).

All the tricks Mansory played on this Lamborghini made the car to sprint to 62 mph (100 km/h) in 2.6 seconds, making it 0.3s faster than the base model. Top speed also increases from 217 mph (350 km/h) to 236 mph (380 km/h). The maximum electronically-limited torque goes up to 690 Nm.
The Carbonado received Mansory's forged rims with carbon fiber inlays measuring 9x20 and 13x21 (front/rear) with Pirelli P Zero rubbers 255/30 ZR20 and 345/25 ZR1. Inside the car only the finest of materials are used. The processed leather used for the seats and the dashboard is particularly durable but still extraordinarily soft.