2013 Lamborghini Egoista concept one-seater review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 13 May 2013 , 00:05:43 byEmil

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Lamborghini Egoista concept one-seater

Lamborghini presented at its 50th anniversary celebration the concept of Lamborghini Egoista. Egoista means selfish and this name is a good match with the concept. The model has just one seat as its designer Walter De Silva mentions that it is a car made for one person only, to allow them to have fun and express their personality to the maximum. According to De Silva the Lamborghini Egoista concept was created with the heart more than the head. If you share the same emotions with the Italian Brand you will absolutely love this car. As you see, the exterior design is like an aircraft. The Egoista version suggests great power and edge technology features. A super lightweight body is animated by a V10 5.2-liter engine that develops 600 HP (441 kW).

Like an Apache helicopter from where the exterior design was inspired, the cockpit is made completely of carbon fiber and aluminum and represents a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements. The front part is specially created to increase downforce while the back has two rear flaps that activate automatically at high speeds to increase stability.

Conferring a futuristic look combined with aggressive appearance and super powered engine the Lamborghini Egoista concept will surely wake up the pilot in you. If not you would better take some training.