2013 Lincoln MKZ Black Label review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 19 August 2013 , 07:08:37 byEmil

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Lincoln MKZ Black Label

Lincoln has decided to preview the new Lincoln Black Label which is in fact a collection of premium exterior and interior themes mated to an even higher level of personal services and experiences. This is how the company is proving its evolution in mentality. The Black Label will be available on every new Lincoln MKZ vehicle and will have a higher level of luxury. The characteristics that make the Lincoln brand unique refer to the sophistication and luxurious bespoke exterior and interior themes. The materials used for each interior environment have been selected to reflect the desire to create warm and sophisticated package that for sure will tell you a story. Center Stage is designed for the most expressive clients.

On the inside there is a Foxfire Red headliner which is the main highlight. Both for the doors and seats, the designers have offered Alcantara suede with special designed perforation. There is also a Ziricote wood trim features that offer a beautiful natural grain and color. The Zircote wood used with Indulgence was selected because its natural beauty resonates without stains or dyes. There are clients interested in acquiring a Lincoln MKZ Black Label-equipped vehicle who will find the shopping and selection process personal and really pleasant.

Actually Lincoln Black Label is intended to launch near the end of 2014 and will offer an experience for their clients that will engage them without overwhelming them. These are all the details available on the matter for the moment, but stay tuned for more as the Lincoln carmaker will release other information in the near future.