2013 Mazda Deep Orange 3 Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 12 August 2013 , 01:08:06 byVeronica

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Mazda Deep Orange 3 Concept

In the photo gallery you will find the fruit of imagination of several students. We are talking now about the new Deep Orange 3 with body panels that have been designed at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. The university developed this program and this is actually a dream Mazda had since forever. The students were able to provide fresh and inventive ideas from sketch pad to sheet metal and obtained a great result. The Deep Orange 3 prototype chassis vehicle was presented to the world for the first time last year at the Specialty Equipment Market Association that took place in Las Vegas. At the time, the model was not presented with the body panels.

According to the specialists the new concept model comes with a unique hybrid power train capable of automatically selecting front- or rear- or all-wheel drive. It has a 3+3 seating configuration. The students graduating from the automotive engineering program are now required to create and manufacture a new vehicle prototype. The entire project is being developed in partnership with students from the transportation design department at he Art Center and they are all focusing on the vehicle and the end-user.

This is a great opportunity for the designers and the engineers as well. The program offers students with experience in vehicle design, development, prototyping and production planning. The specialists reveal a new prototype vehicle that focuses on different segments of the market, following different technical objectives. The students also get the opportunity to improve their knowledge in terms of design, development and prototyping and production planning.