2013 McLaren MP4-12C review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 11 June 2012 , 09:06:55 byDan

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McLaren MP4-12C

It seems that McLaren decided to bring some improvements to its 2013 MP4-12C. These refer mostly to its performance and the use of new technology. For example, the existing 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine that produces the power for the 2013 McLaren MP4-12C can now develop 20 PS more. In the end its total output reaches 625 PS and 600 Nm of torque. This amount of power enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in the same time as its predecessor, but the 0 to 124 mph acceleration time changed from 8.9 seconds to 8.8 seconds. The same thing happened to the 0-186 mph acceleration. The model is now capable of speeding in 26.5 seconds and not 27.5 seconds like before. Now, thanks to the improvements brought to its performance, the 2013 McLaren MP4-12C can reach an increased top speed by up to 2 mph. The driver manages to handle the amount of engine intake sound heard in the cabin thanks to the new Intake Sound Generator. This is not all. The carmaker offer different options to change the personality of the car according to the needs and tastes of the driver. Also these improve ride and comfort and refer to the leather finishes and colors. The CO2 emission coefficient is somewhere around 279 g/km and with a combined fuel consumption of 24.2 mpg. The AUTO-lights system of the model was improved and the Climate Control System as well. The 2013 McLaren MP4-12C can also come with the Vehicle Lift, a feature that is able to lift the car by 40 mm at the front and 25 mm at the rear. The carmaker offers different facilities to the existing owners like, for example, they will receive some upgrades for free. The list available for them includes revised calibration for 7-speed SSG transmission, programmable Intake Sound Generator, M838T engine power increased to 625 PS, headlights linked to rain sensor when in automatic mode. The improved version of the supercar is available for order now and it has an established price of GBP176.000 for the UK market.