2013 McLaren MSO 12C Concept review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 6 January 2014 , 15:01:50 byDan

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McLaren MSO 12C Concept

McLaren cars are exceptional and this is a fact that everybody is familiar with. MSO, McLaren Special Operations, the personal tuning expert of the McLaren brand since 2011, also knows it for sure, so that the people working there have become addicted to tuning the supercars according to the customer’s desires. And because they try to give excellence another face, they are some of the best professionals in the auto tuning field.

MSO recently came up with an MSO 12C concept, based, of course, on the McLaren 12C supercar. The concept shows many novelties and special elements are brought to the vehicle. It features a new carbon fiber front spoiler, a carbon roof scoop, a modified hood and an updated engine cover with extra vents for cooling the powerplant.

The McLaren MSO 12C concept also received a bespoke rear wing. All the new body elements are made of carbon fiber. This surely improves the aerodynamic of the car. The super 12C is also fitted with titanium oil and water filler caps and titanium wheel bolts. On the inside, MSO prefers to choose a traditional but elegant black and white theme. There is no rumour about pricing yet, but definitely the 12C owners that will feel the need to personalize their vehicle won’t find pricing a problem.