2013 McLaren P1 interior review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 13 February 2013 , 06:02:52 byAngela

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McLaren P1 interior

British manufacturer McLaren has published three photos revealing the minimalist interior cabin of its P1 which in fact features a special design theme. The specialists have a very specific goal for the future. They want to produce the best car for the driver in the world both for the road and for the track. For this to come to reality, the British engineers are trying to combine and improve handling and performance and also to obtain the best from the aerodynamic body shape beneath the carbon fiber exterior. In any case, the driver has to feel comfortable and in control, no matter what.

To make sure this is the case, the specialists have focused the interior of the McLaren P1 on the driver and his needs. So that you know and as you can already see in the photo gallery, the interior of the model offers the driver and passenger a cocooning, efficiently packaged, comfortable cabin. When inside, you will feel like in a fighter jet, with a windscreen deeper than it is wide that provides incredible visibility. The lightweight is a priority, but even so, the model continues to contain a lot of luxury elements like for example full climate control, satellite navigation and a bespoke sound system.

The British engineers have used a lot of carbon fiber even in the MonoCage chassis and the aerodynamically-shaped body panels, but also inside the two-seat cabin. So that you know, it continues to offer the strength desirable for safety and structural integrity and it is used for the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers and a single piece is sharper for the central control unit to optimize weights. Also, the amount of trim covering within the cabin of Mclare P1 has been minimized, leaving as many parts as exposed as possible. The height of the seat will be custom set to suit the driver and passenger and can be adjusted in the workshop. More information on the model will be released next week.