2013 Carlsson CK63 RSR based on Mercedes CLS3 AMG review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 14 February 2013 , 23:02:12 byAngela

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Carlsson CK63 RSR based on Mercedes CLS3 AMG

Imagine a Mercedes CLS3 AMG with the standard 518 horsepower V8 engine. If you have the picture, just add months of careful development and testing from Carlsson Autotechnik GmbH and the result will be astonishing. So a super Mercedes car and a tuning kit provided by Carlsson will be united under one umbrella called "CK63 RSR". This masterpiece will be revealed at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

The new tuning kit will upgrade the “old” 518 horsepower engine to an amazing 700 horsepower. And this is not all. It comes together with both an impressive interior and exterior.

The CK63 RSR uses a specially developed high performance stainless steel sports exhaust incorporating 200-cell metal catalytic converters to further reduce back-pressure. To reach this performance the car has a new series of coolers: a new ingenious intercooler system, extra water and oil coolers, and also a thermostatically controlled oil cooler for the transmission.

Racing against time, the Carlsson CK63 RSR runs 60 mph from rest in just 3.9 seconds, passing 124 mph in 11.6 seconds on its way to the top speed of 211 mph.

Two carbon spoilers take the aerodynamics of this car to a higher level. Additionally, the rear spoiler is electronically retractable, and this improves the downforce by extending into the airflow automatically at 62 mph. Of course the interior is not left out by Carlsson. This is assembled from natural wood, carbon- fibre and the finest leather, Alcantara. The look and feel of these materials will please the highest expectations.

The chassis has independent suspension with height-adjustable Carlsson coil-overs with 10-position adjustable bounce and rebound control for a better control of this huge amount of power.

Elegant and sporty the wheels come in a choice of 19 or 20-inch diameters to best fit owner desires.With this wheel set the CK63 RSR is pleasing the eye and also contribute to lower weight of the car for a perfect handling.