2013 MG MG3 Euro-spec review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 25 April 2013 , 09:04:50 byDan

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MG MG3 Euro-spec

At the 2013 edition of the Shanghai Auto Show, MG has decided to introduce a new model the 2013 Euro-spec MG3, which according to the carmaker will be available for purchase all across Europe, but a bit later this year. The model looks a lot like the MG ZERO concept vehicle in terms of styling cues. The new one has incredible design to target young and style conscious buyers who want something fun to drive. The new MG3 will become the second in a new generation of MG vehicles to leave the assembly line at the Birmingham factory where the design and engineering team are. When the model will be launched, customers will be able to personalize both the exterior and interior of this new supermini MG making it fun to drive, buy and own as well. The design team located in the UK has offered a cheeky touch of flair from every viewing angle.

At the front it has LED daytime running lights on every trim level, a full-width black mesh grille and black A-Pillar which make the car easy to see and recognize. At the side it has dual color side skirts that lower the stance of the car and also has dual color wheels that offer the touch of class of the higher trim level. At the back it has a valance insert inspired by generations of MG racing cars.

The MG3 combines style and enjoyment with practical spaciousness. Both the designers and the engineers have combined to create an exceptional amount of space and versatility under one roof. The model has a raised front dashboard design which creates an airy forward cabin space and increased legroom, while allowing excellent access to primary and secondary controls. The chassis of the model has been honed from hundreds of thousands of miles of testing sessions on different European roads. In the end, the specialists have reached a great conclusion: the new MG3 is suitable for every journey, from crowded urban routes to a European motorway.