2013 Mitsubishi Pajero customized by Vilner review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 , 06:08:56 byAlina

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Mitsubishi Pajero customized by Vilner

Vilner, the Bulgarian tuning company started working in the field fifteen years ago and now it is a true name in the auto industry. The company represents a concentration of powerful strength which gives each car a new pure soul. And you wouldn’t guess in a lifetime what their latest project is based on. Well, Vilner thought of bringing back to life the long forgotten Mitsubishi Pajero.

If the Mitsubishi Pajero is remembered as one of the first SUV attempts, it seems that Vilner did a nice job in redesigning it. The vehicle now looks more luxurious than anyone could ever image. This was a job worthy of the Myth Busters, but Vilner turned out to be the perfect company for tuning the car. There is a story behind this project, one that puts a Danish Pajero owner into one of the Vilner’s offices with the request of turning his beloved car into something different and impressive. And this has certainly happened especially since all the tuning is worth several times the price of the car. But the emotional value seems to be unlimited for its owner.

Vilner disassembled the entire vehicle. Rust was completely removed and the car received a new paint. The Mitsubishi Pajero was isolated with vibration and noise insulation to provide the best comfort. For the inside of the car, it was the owner who decided upon the colour scheme. He chose black and brown and because the production model was wearing a grey theme, every single detail of the interior had to be replaced.  Alcantara and the leather couldn’t miss out of a car that claims to be luxurious. Some of the inside elements are made of real walnut veneer which was treated with satin varnish.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is equipped with a professional audio system that can be controlled through an Audison processor that has the job of finer adjusting the sound. Of course the company’s logo can’t miss from its project. And the final result is overwhelming. With its car’s new look, the client can’t be more pleased when driving his Pajero.