2013 Nissan BladeGlider by DeltaWing concept review and pictures

Posted on Wednesday, 18 December 2013 , 13:12:58 byEmil

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Nissan BladeGlider by DeltaWing concept

Japanese carmaker Nissan together with DeltaWing have made an amazing job so far together and the two companies continue to have interesting plans for the future. At the Le Mans, the tuning company managed to repair part of the damage done with the IndyCar series. The Japanese Nissan came out with the ZEOD RC hybrid racer that came with a long nose cone and a wider track at the back. They have then revealed the BladeGlider concept, which you can see in the photo gallery below. We had the opportunity to see it for the first time at the Tokyo Motor Show which has been designed for the road as well.

The oddly similar design of the model was observed and Don Perez filed a lawsuit against Nissan. He has asked the court to issue a cease-and-desist order on both the ZEOD RC and BladeGlider projects. Parts of the suit were Darren Cox and Ben Bowlby, who have defected to Nissan from the DeltaWing program. The man is actually fighting for intellectual property right in terms of design and who knows whether the court will decide in his favor or not. One this is very clear, Panoz has some very interesting ideas regarding DeltaWing project and this is beyond racing, just to be clear on this one. the specialist has a lot on his mind right now, but we are sure that he will not let this one go, not without a fight anyway. Please take a quick look below and see the concept we have been talking about.