2013 Nissan Micra in France review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 4 May 2013 , 03:05:48 byAlina

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Nissan Micra in France

French carmaker Renault made an official announcement including information on their next generation Micra. According to them, the model will be produced in France starting 2016. The process will take place at a factory located near Paris and they plan on producing around 82.000 units each year. All models will be exported to Europe for the left-hand drive markets, in case you were wondering. So, under the Nissan Power 88 six-year business plan, the company will launch around one new model every six weeks for the duration of the plan. Available capacity across different plants in the Nissan manufacturing network is already planned to be fully used and led the company to look at alternatives within the Renault-Nissan Alliance.

According to different officials, driven by sales and share expansion across Europe and Russia, the manufacturing capacity of Nissan in Europe and India will be fully used in the mid-term period. India is now the current source for the Micra. The fact that Renault received the proposition of building the vehicle at one of its European plans benefits the Japanese carmaker Nissan in several ways including capital expense reduction and foreign exchange exposure reduction. The company will also benefit from working capital reduction through shorter supply chains. Nissan sources power train from the Cleon facility and the NV400 light commercial vehicle from the Batilly plant. So that you know, the Nissan Micra has been sold in different markets under the March name and it is one of the most enduring and recognized products. The next generation Micra will be produced outside of Europe as part of the optimized global sourcing strategy Nissan has. These are all the info available for the moment on the matter.