2013 Nissan Skyline Japan Version review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 27 December 2013 , 10:12:04 byAngela

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Nissan Skyline Japan Version

Different rumors stated that Japanese carmaker Nissan will launch the Infiniti brand in Japan starting with the Q50. This was actually sold as the Nissan Skyline and a lot of people have been asking themselves different questions on its fate now. The rumor, in a way was right as now we have the opportunity to see the new Nissan Skyline with Infiniti badge. We know it may be a bit confusing, but this is the reason for which we have decided to go to the official release and see what is going on. According to the carmaker Nissan has launched the all-new Skyline and it will go on sale before the end of February 2014 throughout Japan at Nissan dealers.

The new model is capable of offering incredible driving pleasure all thanks to its design, advanced technology and performance which make it a great luxury vehicle. The company has a lot of experience in this type of technology mainly gained during the development of their world-class premium brand, Infiniti. This is the reason for which the manufacturer has decided to throw in the Infiniti badge for the variant developed for the Japanese market.

In the end, Nissan wanted to present the car that people knew as Infiniti Q50 as the Nissan Skyline with the slight difference of logos. Because the company did not want to get rid of the Skyline, they have decided to gather the strength it had left into keeping it alive. When it will appear on the marker the new model will be also known as the 350GT and will come equipped with a 3.5-liter V6 unit capable of generating 296 horsepower. It will receive some help from a 50 kW motor and compact lithium ion battery which all together will increase the output to 354 horsepower. The price might start at $45.300.