2013 Nissan Sunny by DC Design review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 15 June 2013 , 14:06:31 byEmil

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Nissan Sunny by DC Design

DC Design was founded in 1993 with the dual aim of redesigning and modifying mass market cars to create one-of-a-kind automotive beauties for automotive connoisseurs as well as offering design and prototyping services to the OEM automotive sector. The last project they have just finished is based on the Nissan Sunny.

DC Design worked intensely in modifying the interior design of the Nissan Sunny. This is the project that followed up the tuning of the Renault Duster. So the Nissan Sunny got a great number of changes on the inside. The middle seat has been removed and has been replaced with two individual seats whose position can be electrically changed and a full length armrest also made its appearance.

The Nissan Sunny is also equipped with a passenger seat that can be folded flat. The passengers travelling on the back seats can enjoy the ride by watching the huge LCD set behind the driver’s seat. The colour theme of the interior of the Nissan Sunny is red, the vehicle wearing red upholstery. The interior is very comfortable and it can match even the cars that cost ten time more than the Sunny. The styling package is available for order.