2013 Pininfarina Sergio Concept based on Ferrari 458 Spider review and pictures

Posted on Saturday, 23 March 2013 , 05:03:54 byVeronica

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Pininfarina Sergio Concept based on Ferrari 458 Spider

Pininfarina CEO Silvio Angori reveals in an interview that the new model Ferrari 458 Spider could enter in production. Being a gratitude to Sergio Pininfarina, who died last year at 85, the concept car can be manufactured in just five or six units, as the CEO of Pininfarina also declares in Automotive News Europe.

The price for this rare masterpiece is almost the same like a Lamborghini Veneno, and this is around 3M EUR or 3.8M USD.

At the first view the model can not look so roomy but at 4550mm long, 1940mm wide and 1140mm tall provides interior space for the persons, also having two doors.

What is interesting is that the Sergio concept has no windscreen. For this fact it comes together with two helmets. Although European homologation rules permit driving without windscreen as long as you wear the helmet, most of the potentially buyers might not like this. For them the chief designer Fabio Filippini could fit a windshield together with new changes to align at the street legal requirements.

In less than 3.4 seconds the car runs 62 mph (100 km/h) to a maximum speed of 199 mph (320 km/h) thanks to the V8 4499cc engine which delivers its power through a 7-speed sequential gearbox.

There is no doubt that the Sergio concept will offer a unique driving experience and most of all it will bring forward the man at the wheel through its exclusivist appearance.