2013 Porsche 996 by OK-Chiptuning review and pictures

Posted on Friday, 17 May 2013 , 02:05:59 byEmil

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Porsche 996 by OK-Chiptuning

Time has come for us to tell you more on the plans OK-Chiptuning has with the Porsche 996. The specialists have decided to develop a tuning program for the French model which has as inspiration the 1991 German movie, Manta. The new model has great potential and keeps true to the cult classic model Opel Manta. The specialista have chosen this model especially to achieve approximately minimum effort.

The new car is capable of generating 650 horsepower and 750 Nm of torque as output. To reach this performance the engineers had to install air cooler in both K24-Turbolader and GT2-RS. This way, a much more intense intake for turbochargers is achieved. Larger induction valves and also a larger fuel pump, this last one in combination with 5-Bar-fuel pressure regulator, perform their competent service of the conversion.

We also have to mention Sachs-Performance-clutch and an exhaust system with continuous tubes that measure 70 mm. It is important to say that OK-Chiptuning focused a lot on quality and completely forgot about quantity. As repercussion only AG-rim finishing from neighboring Krefeld is considered for powder coating of the rims. When it comes to best quality powder coating and rim finishing there is a fixed size for years. If you are interested to know, the price for the coating in pink, the 19-inch rims from TechArt reaches EUR 800. This price includes tires dismantling and re-assembly. The tires that are appropriate measure 235 / 35-19 or 305 / 30-19. For the engineers to optimize the driving dynamics, they have installed KW-Coilover-Suspension of the version 3. The model also receives a rear spoiler from TechArt. The foliation costs for the new car reach around EUR 2.600.