2013 Renault Duster by DC Design review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 30 April 2013 , 00:04:58 byEmil

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Renault Duster by DC Design

If you wanna drive the change you certainly must get into one of the Renault cars. The main target of the French company is to transform sustainable mobility into something accessible to all the persons in the world. The brand is constantly working on new projects. DC Design has chosen one of these projects, more specifically the Renault Duster, aka Dacia Duster, to upgrade in their own style.

Being one of the very few companies that set a goal in changing a car produced in Romania, they did a pretty good job with the tuning pack available for the Renault Duster. The kit costs around 4.940 EUR / 6,400 USD / 4,200 GBP and it certainly changes the entire features of the Duster, both interior and exterior. In the front part they set a trail of LED lights and fog lights. The vehicle is covered in a matte black paint, has polished side steps and it rides on a set of original DC signed alloys.

The inside of Renault Duster is the one that received the greatest changes. It is decorated with artificial leather, faux wood and a multimedia infotainment system with tilting screens for the passengers sitting in the back. The Duster's center console has been extended to the rear seats which has practically transformed the vehicle into a four seater. The back seats are 6 way adjustable. The one on the left can be turned into a bed once the front left seat is folded. As a conclusion, DC Design infuses the Renault Duster with an aesthetic awareness and is simultaneously pushing the machine’s capabilities to a new level.