2013 Renault Twizy Cargo review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 27 June 2013 , 12:06:48 byAngela

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Renault Twizy Cargo

French carmaker Renault has introduced the new Twizy cargo, a model designed to appeal to business owners. The model is a way the carmaker has selected to expand the Twizy family. The new cargo is a new version which has been designed to carrying goods. At the rear, it has a large boot and door and so it seems that the Cargo is ready to go anywhere with the all electric LCV. To make a better idea on the model, you should know it has a 180 liters / 75 kg boot which replaces the rear seat actually; it also has stowage available from the rear using a lockable door. It is available with the Life 45 and 80 trim and the price starts from EUR8.080 for the Cargo 45 and from EUR8.780 for the other one.

The Twizy is actually the best selling electric vehicle in Europe and it is always capable of turning heads around. Its specifications are clear to business users and as a result 60% of buyers are companies. It is easy to use and has almost zero running costs, the model is perfect for business users. The model has been developed by Renault Tech in cooperation with Renault Sport Technologies and has the advantage of a big boot capacity accessible via the rear door that opens 90 degrees. The specialists managed to do this by adapting the cut-out of the rear end and doing away with the passenger seat. The door comes with a locking system that works with the ignition key and the front seat is still moveable. The model is aimed first of all at delivery or express firms like lift operators, postal services and emergency services. This is all we have on the model for the moment coming from the carmaker.