2013 Rinspeed microMAX concept review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 19 February 2013 , 02:02:26 byEmil

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Rinspeed microMAX concept

We now have fresh details on a new concept Rinspeed specialists have been working on these last few months. We are actually talking about the Rinspeed microMAX concept. Together with the information, in the gallery below we have also prepared some very interesting photos of the model. The engineers had to combine technical features that are already available commercially now with a comprehensive Cloud-based mobility concept. Why is this good? Well, for example, it allows easy access to navigation functions in real time. This is not all. The system can also modify the routes dynamically to account for current traffic.

This intelligent, eco-friendly mobility concept combines the benefits of personal transportation with those of taxis, car-sharing services and carpool concepts as well as those offered by public transit. A special app especially developed by Harman for this purpose offers all road users who are looking for a transport option and are part of the selected community access to the new mobility concept. The new Rinspeed microMAX concept measures 3.7 meters in length and so it provides a lot of interior space for three passengers and an unfolded stroller or shopping cart and it also provides the desired privacy. The model measures 2.2 meters in length.

The interior provides an airy and light feeling. The central control unit has been specially-programmed by software service provider Noser specifically for the microMAX. It receives power from a forklift drive system developed by Linde Material handling. This system can be recharged at intelligent charging stations from RWE. The electric vehicle combines very small dimensions with generous space for occupants. With its upright seas, the concept is an unusual mode of transport, with a personal area for each customer. The global targets are improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, and not only for Rinspeed.