2013 Scion xD rally car review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 28 January 2013 , 12:01:09 byVeronica

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Scion xD rally car

For the ones really into rally cars, Scion is proud to present the new xD rally car. Apparently the model will compete in the Rally America National Championship and is expected to do great. The drive is AnrewComrie-Picard and together with his team will compete in seven scheduled events. The first one was in Atlanta on the 25th of this month. The new season of rally competitions is now richer with the new Scion xD race car that has been developed to meet elevated competition and the challenging courses. The modifications brought to the 2013 model include all-new suspension, improved weight distribution, dog engagement transmission and more horsepower. According to Scion marketing and special events manager, Steve Hatanaka, Scion Racing is ready a thrilled to be part of the 2013 Rally America National Championship.

Back in 2012, the Rally xD team completed its first full season in the Rally America National Championship. They finished second after six challenging events in the two-wheel drive category of the series. All engineers have worked really hard to finish this car and now everyone is excited to see the results of their talent, dedication and professionalism. Everything will be out in the open once the season starts.

For the 2013 edition of the Rally America are scheduled different races like for example: the race in Atlanta, mentioned above, followed by the 100 Acre Wood Rally on the 22nd of next month. Moving on we have the Oregon Trail Rally that will take place on the 3rd of May until the 5th in Portland followed by the Susquehannock Trail Rally held on the 31st of May in Wellsboro. The last three races include the New England Forest Rally on the 26th of June, the OjibweForests Rally held on the 23rd of August and last, but not least, the Lake Superior Performance Rally held on the 18th of October in Houghton.