2013 Seat Altea Copa Edition review and pictures

Posted on Monday, 21 January 2013 , 18:01:08 byAngela

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Seat Altea Copa Edition

British Seat customers now have the opportunity to purchase one of the Copa edition introduced here on the island by the Spanish carmaker. To be more precise, we are talking about the Seat Altea and Altea XL editions. According to the manufacturer, the Copa specifications bring up to GBP1.500 of extra equipment over the base models. The consumer, on the other hand, will not have anything extra to pay.

Now, depending of the model, the extra kit will include dual-zone climate control, alloy wheels and also Media System 2.2 with satellite navigation developed by Seat. The prices vary from GBP16.425 to GBP21.980 and the ones interested can start ordering it now. Seat is extending the great value trim level to the Altea and Altea XL ranges. On the marker we will have two trim levels: the S Copa and SE Copa. As base, these two have the S and SE specifications. Both the Altea and Altea XL include S, S Copa, SE and SE Copa trims and are available with three different engines: the 1.2-liter TSI capable of generating 105 PS, the 1.6-liter capable of producing 105 PS and last, but not least we have the 2.0-liter TDI capable of generating 140 SP. As an option for diesel engines we have the DSG automatic. Now clients have a very complex pallet to choose from.

The S Copa includes 16-inch alloy wheels to transfer the output to the road, a Bluetooth communication package that includes hands-free phone connection, dual-zone climate control. Cruise control and a lot more. The SE Copa incorporates satellite navigation and SD card reader for music playback, a DAB digital radio tuner and so on. All these specifications will cost the producer another GBP1.100. As we mentioned above, the ones interested in purchasing one of these cars can do it now and the first units will reach showrooms a bit later this month.