2013 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive price review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 15 January 2013 , 10:01:45 byDan

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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive price

It seems that the new Smart ForTwo electric drive can be purchased now for the first time. This fully electric version of the compact two-seat model combines convenience and quality with safety, comfort and performance. According to the carmaker the model can be plugged into a standard household socket or public charging bay. It only takes seven hours to fully charge so if you leave it to charge during the night, in the morning you will find it perfect to start the day.

The engineers have also offered an optional 22 kW onboard charger that costs another GBP2.650. This charges the battery completely when it is completely empty in around one hour when connecting the supporting power cable to a public quick-charging station.

The German offer a new and alternative sales method called Sale & Care which removes the need for consumers to own the battery. This makes the new Smart ForTwo electric drive a more affordable choice. This option provides customers with a range of convenient payment options. The ones that purchase one of the models using the standard purchasing route will qualify for the maximum Grant of GBP5.000. If customers go with the Sale& Care the Grant reaches up to GBP4.368. The model is capable of reaching a top speed of 78 mph and it has a range of up to 90 miles; it also includes enhanced acceleration above 35 mph.

In terms of equipment, the new Smart ForTwo Electric Drive comes with Satellite navigation, electric windows, air conditioning, leather gear knob, electric power steering and to transfer the output to the road, the engineers have provided 9-spoke 15-inch alloy wheels. Beside the solid roof offered as standard, there is also a panoramic roof and a cabriolet version available. The electric drive does not need any engine oil and the drive train only has a few moving parts.