2013 Carbon Motors TX7 review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 20 December 2012 , 19:12:24 byAngela

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Carbon Motors TX7

It seems that Carbon Motors try not to waste any time and this is why they have announced a new model, the Carbon TX7, a Multi Mission Vehicle. Actually the specialists have started taking orders. Their new achievement offers integrated incident command, prisoner transport and personnel carrying capabilities in an innovative and flexible package which are not available on the market today. According to the specialists, the production process is slated to start towards the end of next year ahead of full-scale production of the Carbon E7 model.

In case you are interested, know that the Carbon TX7 receives power from a V8 clean diesel engine that uses a 6-speed automatic transmission to transfer the output to its four wheels. Also, you should know that it can accommodate up to ten people inside. As the company tries to show their care for the environment, it plans to offer a Compressed Natural Gas power train as optional, of course. Further plans include piloting of certain solar array technologies.

Currently there are different law enforcement agencies that deploy a variety of singularly focused specialty vehicles in situations such as search and rescue, disaster management, perimeter security, warrant service and so on. Their prices can go up to $2 million and have very high operating costs.

What Carbon Motors tries to do with the TX7 is place it between the petrol vehicles and the highly specialized vehicles mentioned above. We will be able to find the TX7 on the market with a starting price of $149.950. Its lower price makes it more accessible to smaller agencies. According to the manufacturer deliveries will begin sometime around the middle of next year. The carmaker tries to ne the world leader in law enforcement vehicle technology by producing a lot of innovative purpose-built specialty vehicles for the global market.