2013 Coda Sedan EV review and pictures

Posted on Tuesday, 17 September 2013 , 08:09:37 byAlina

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Coda Sedan EV

We are not sure if you remember Coda Automotive, but get ready for a new model they have developed, the Coda Sedan Electric Vehicle. This model was released a lot time ago for the first time, but now, the carmaker is bringing it back, in a way. The company has declared bankruptcy and has decided to move to a grid energy provider. Different rumors indicate that the Club Auto Sales and Ready Remarketing are two companies that have gathered all the remains of company, especially the remains of the Sedan EV which have been sold to at very good prices. Unfortunately we were not able to find the true price of Cada models, probably because they did not want to upset current owners, but they did say at the time, customers were able to get it at a very important discount.

Apparently, several people have managed to buy 150 vehicles from Coda, 100 gliders and 50 full vehicles. Now, it seems that 50 of them are export models that are equipped with bigger batteries, 36 kWh, for example. These particular ones are not legal to use in the US, but can be used overseas on private campuses. There were a lot of groups that have been interested in the whole lot and there have been several requests from Europe and South America as well.

For the ones interested in a Coda EV, a glider or parts should know that there is a warehouse in Hayward, California. Owners can find here parts like the UQM Powephase 100 motor used in the Sedan. The warehouse is now trying to sell other chargers and parts and according to them, they are ready to sell new battery packs for the car from Coda Energy. Apparently, the carmaker is ready to offer us their best services and of course, we are ready to receive them.