2013 Ermini Seiottosei review and pictures

Posted on Thursday, 4 October 2012 , 08:10:06 byAlina

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Ermini Seiottosei

Apparently they plan to develop a new model, called Seiottosei or 686 and launch it before the end of 2013. The engine will be situate at the rear and will have rear wheels drive. To transfer the power to the wheels, the engineers will offer a sequential transmission. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing exactly what kind of engine will adopt, but we suspect it will have large displacement options. The power-to-weight ratio will be similar to other super cars, or at least this is the plan Ermini has.

The new model will have body panels made of carbon fiber which were actually designed by Giulio Cappellini. The carmaker promises an Ermini Seiottosei easy to maintain, with low fuel consumption and also low emission rate. The specialists will offer a lot of attention to technical details like for example electric welded space frame and the refined suspension. Also they will try to use the best available mechanical components. In the end, the model will be capable of great performance, with the added advantage of easy and economical maintenance. It will also be unique in terms of technology and design, so that it will continue the traditions and the values that have made Italian manufacturing well-know all around the globe.

It is a little hard to really predict the response of the public, but the new Ermini Seiottosei might be a supercar customers will really enjoy. More information on the new model will be released at a later date. We will hear a lot on the matter for sure.


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Ermini Seiottosei